• WP7 Preparation of Policy Guidelines
    • WP Coordinator: Applicant SADECO
    • PPs involved: all; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P3 SVIMED; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P5 ARDES; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni


  • Role of each partner involved

Applicant SADECO will draw up instructions and templates for the partnership to jointly accomplish a single strategic document called “Policy Guidelines for Waste Management in Mediterranean Sea Basin medinas/city centres”.

All partners will jointly work to produce this document whose contents are expected to be applicable in all medinas/city centres throughout the Mediterranean area.

  • Eligible costs:  49.672,88 €
  • Expected results

Feasible and sustainable strategies and policies identified for waste management in medinas /city centres systematized and transferred to strategic addressees throughout the Mediterranean Sea Basin through this document.


  • Activities

7.1. Creation of methodology for partners to jointly draft a set of Policy Guidelines for Waste Management in Mediterranean Sea Basin medinas/city centres. At partners´ meeting 3 in Ragusa (Italy), month 15, partners will discuss the work to be done to build the set of Policy Guidelines on Waste Management in medinas (this work covers month 18 through to month 23). Applicant SADECO will, after exchanges produced, create the guidelines for the joint drafting of this document.

7.2. Joint drafting of Policy Guidelines by SMOT partnership.  This document develops policy recommendation in the field tackled by SMOT.  The strategic interest of these guidelines is that since the policy recommendations contained can be feasibly applied in SMOT pilot medinas- which cover a wide representation of medinas/city centres´ different contexts- they can also be applied in most of the medinas/city centres at the Mediterranean level.

This strategic document is foreseen to be prepared during the second half of the second year of the project, once enough experiences and solutions have been exchanged and tested in the medinas so as to be turned into a structured guideline document.  It aims at fostering transferability of policies and experiences, legislative approximation and regulatory convergence in the waste management field in Mediterranean cities.

Widespread dissemination of the “Policy Guidelines for Waste Management in Medinas” is ensured by:

1)    The digital distribution of the PG to the list of 900 strategic stakeholders of the data base to be created for dissemination of main outputs (WP2). This list of 900 contacts is expected to be increased with new contacts gained during the different project events.

2)    The handing over of 450 USBs containing PG in both English and the partners´ languages to attendees to the Final Conference in Córdoba (at least 90 EU, national and regional levels policy makers and stakeholders expected); the remaining USBs will be given in to partners for dissemination of them back into their local/regional  realities.


Application of the PG is expected to take place in the short term, given the fact that most addressees are public authorities with competences to operate on the waste field at policy level. SMOT partners and associates are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding stating an intended application of the PG in the current line of action in their territories.


  • Quantified outputs

–      Methodology for joint drafting of the Policy Guidelines document in the field tackled in SMOT (1).

–      Policy Guidelines for Waste Management in Mediterranean SeaBasin medinas/city centres (1) transferable to all authorities at basin level.

–      Beneficiaries of the digital dissemination of the Policy Guidelines (900)

–      Beneficiaries of the dissemination of Policy Guidelines through USBs produced (450)

–      Memorandum of understanding produced and signed by all parties with political competences.