• WP6 Participation processes


  • WP Coordinator: P5 ARDES
  • PPs involved: all; Applicant SADECO; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P3 SVIMED; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni
    • Role of each partner involved

P5 ARDES will lead the coordination of this action in the partnership, with support of applicant SADECO. P5 ARDES will provide the joint methodology to be shared by all partners in the 5 participation processes to be carried out in SMOT. 5 simultaneous participation processes will be organised, 1 in each partner medina/city centre. The 2 SMOT local partners will jointly organise the participation process in their territories in the case of Cordoba, Ragusa and Sfax; P8 Alex.Uni will closely involve Municipality of Alexandria (associate) in the organisation of the participation process to be held in the medina of Alexandria; in the case of Jordan P6 MOMA and P7 University of Jordan will involve Municipality of Al-Salt (associate), pilot medina for SMOT tests, in the organisation of the local participation process in Al-Salt. Since the two Municipalities (Alexandria and Sfax) are associates and participate in all the 6 SMOT meetings they are perfectly aware of all stages of the project and of their necessary involvement as facilitators, especially in stages concerning the participation processes and pilot experiences to take place in medinas under their jurisdiction. All 9 partners are closely involved in this activity.


  • Eligible costs: 73.059,26 €
  • Expected results

Public and private stakeholders and representatives of civil society groups in the 5 partner medinas/city centres involved in and engaged in the project since the early stages. Governance approach in the project since its very beginning.


  • Activities

6.1. Definition of methodology and profiles for the participation processes.   Guidelines on how to organise and carry out the participation processes in medinas/city centres will be drafted by P5 ARDES and provided to the partnership.  The 5 participation processes held will be very similar in methods; however, attention will be paid to local particularities in each country so as to make the most out of each process.

6.2. Participation process meetings to be held in the 5 partner medinas/city centres. Partners organising each of the 5 participation processes in the 5 pilot cities of the project will, at the start of the project, establish the permanent forum of 40 stakeholders involved in each of the 5 participation processes.  Each forum will be comprised of 10 political representatives or members of the local administration, 10 multidisciplinary local experts in the fields of environmental sustainability and waste management, 10 representatives of the private sector in the medina/city centre (owners of restaurants, hotels, shops, markets), and 10 representatives of civil society (representatives of communities inhabiting the medina/city centre, associations representing different groups within the citizenship, representatives of schools and/or secondary schools, etc.). 4 meetings of the members of the forum will be organised in each SMOT city during the 2 years the SMOT exists, 1/ semester. Each meeting will be aimed at involving local communities in the project. The subjects discussed and agreed in the forum will help guide the choices for interventions to be carried out in each local reality.  Different techniques will be used in each of the 4 meetings to promote working in different groups configuration. The meetings will be held at the most suitable time and day of the week to ensure the participation of the majority of the above stakeholders. During the last meeting in each partner medina the 200 participants (40 x 5) will fill in a satisfaction survey useful to know their perceptions on the reduction of uncontrolled waste in their medinas and their satisfaction with the new options introduced for waste deposit.

  • Quantified outputs

–      Guidelines for organisation of participation processes on the topic in  medinas/city centres (1)

–      Participation processes held (5)

–      Meetings held in the 5 participation processes (20)

–      Public and private stakeholders participating in the 5 processes (200)

–      Satisfaction surveys concerning the impact of project in partner medinas filled in by the participants (200).

–      Agreements derived from the 5 participation processes (at least 5)