• WP4 Situational Analyses


  • WP Coordinator: P3, Euromediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development, SVIMED
  • PPs involved: all; Applicant SADECO; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P5 ARDES; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni
    • Role of each partner involved

P5 SVIMED will prepare instructions and templates to conduct local situational analyses for the 5 pilot medinas/city centres of Cordoba, Alexandria, Ragusa, Sfax and Al-Salt. All partners conduct situational analyses and participate in the identification and collection of experiences from their local medina/city centre for exchanges among partners. In partner regions with 2 local partners involved- public authority plus technical entity- they will both cooperate in the joint drafting of each single situational analysis (1/ medinas-city centre).

  • Eligible costs: 55.408,83 €
  • Expected results

Good practices, current problems and tailored solutions to them in the field of sustainable waste management in medinas/city centres exchanged and shared; identification of sustainable experiences suitable for implementation in partner regions and in every medina/city centre in the Mediterranean area.

  • Activities

4.1. Preparation of Guidelines to conduct the Situational Analyses and collect Good Practices.SVIMED will produce common guidelines and templates for elaboration of similar situational analyses from the 5 partner medinas/city centres.   The aim is make it possible to easily compare and exchange contents.

4.2. Elaboration of 5 Situational Analyses and Collection of Good Practices for partner medinas/city centres. Situational analyses for the 5 partner medinas/city centres will focus on environmental issues but will also explore different legal frameworks, management models, equipment and tools, as well as social, economic and labour aspects of waste management interventions in medinas/city centres.  The 5 local analyses to be performed (1/partner region) will have two parts:

a) Analysis of the preliminary factors with reference to the waste problem in each partner medina/city centre, drafting the past, present and also future scenarios, and b) Collection of good practices in sustainable waste management in these ancient districts, paying particular attention to waste deposit and collection interventions.  It has been jointly agreed in the partnership to deal with broad waste management issues but paying special attention to the deposit and collection dimension.  Urban areas in the Mediterranean area have regularised the “method” of “taking waste to the streets”, in sophisticated or in rudimentary ways; and streets often become dumps. The impact of an inefficient waste system is stronger in city centres/medinas, due often to their winding urban structures and concentration of monuments and tourist businesses. Conducting situational analyses and collecting good practices is a necessary point of departure for SMOT. Other waste management projects have been carried out before at a cross-border cooperation level; but SMOT focuses particularly on medinas/city centres, which have special requirements that differ from other urban contexts.

4.3. Compilation of the 5 Situational Analyses and Good Practices into a comprehensive Framework Reference of Waste Management in Mediterranean old towns/medinas: SVIMED, as coordinator of the WP will compile the 5 local situational analyses and the good practices into a Comprehensive Document of the Mediterranean scenario,  providing summary tables, showing problems detected in the waste management field in partner medinas/city centres, prioritised solutions and conditions of applicability for each solution. Some of the solutions will be tested in SMOT (see WP5 Pilot experiences). All are expected to be applicable in Mediterranean medinas/city centres. At least 5 of them will be tested in WP5 in the 5 SMOT cities.

  • Quantified outputs

–          Guidelines to conduct situational analyses and collect good practices in the partner city centres (1)

–          Situational Analyses on Waste Management in SMOT medinas/city centres plus collection of good practices (5)

–          Good Practices identified and exchanged (36)

–          Comprehensive Framework Reference on the state of Waste Management in the Mediterranean area´s medinas/city centres (1); plus good practices collection in the field (1 document collecting the 36 GPs).