• WP3 Capitalisation of the results[1]
    • WP Coordinator: Applicant SADECO
    • PPs involved: all; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P3 SVIMED; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P5 ARDES; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni
      • Role of each partner involved

Applicant SADECO will be responsible for the appropriate development of the capitalisation activities in SMOT. All partners will be active in this task.  The aim is to mainstream SMOT identified experiences, know-how, feasible solutions and policies in the field of waste management in medinas/city centres to local, regional, national and Mediterranean Area level institutions and relevant programmes.   Applicant SADECO will provide partners with the methodology to organise these meetings and all partners will organise capitalisation meetings with political representatives with competences on the waste management field at their local, regional and country level as well as with representatives of main related programmes, projects and organisations suitable for capitalisation of results.  Capitalisation activities are on-going but, obviously, it is in advanced stages of the project that more outputs are available to be transferred.


  • Eligible costs:  41.779,41 €
  • Expected results

SMOT feasible results mainstreamed into local, regional and national policies in partner regions, at Mediterranean area level and at main related projects´ level. Financing mechanisms allowing new public and private interventions in the field in Mediterranean medinas identified.



  • Activities

3.1. Organisation of workshops with political representatives at regional and national levels of partner territories to capitalise SMOT results. The aim of these meetings will be to transfer feasible solutions and policies explored for their replicability and mainstreaming.


10 capitalization meetings for the transfer of the project results will be celebrated, 2 per partner territory; the first will bring together representatives of the SMOT local team with political representatives of the corresponding regional government; the second will bring together the project local team with  national level representatives with competences in the field.


Locations of direct beneficiaries for the 2 capitalisation meetings in each country are:

1) the headquarters of the regional government with competences on environment/ urban waste management; placed in Sevilla, Palermo, Sfax, Alejandria and Salt.

2) the headquarters of the national administration with competences on environment/ urban waste management: Madrid, Rome, Cairo, Tunis for Tunisia and Amman.

The meetings will be however organised in the partner cities upon whose medinas the project is being implemented: Córdoba, Ragusa, Sfax, Alejandria and Salt. This will be an excellent occasion for the key representatives of these administrations to know in detail the work carried out in the medinas and to visit the pilot experiences in situ and to enhance the role of peripheral areas in the policy making process.  It is expected at least 20 policy-makers and members of their teams to be direct beneficiaries of the capitalization meetings. It is P1, P3, P5 and P7 that lead the organization of these meetings.




3.2. Networking activities with related Mediterranean area Initiatives, Networks and Financial Organizations; SMOT partners will organise and hold at least 7 capitalisation meetings with organisations and programmes with a huge level of complementarity with SMOT as well as potential sponsoring/financial entities to provide continuity to interventions in the field. All partners are expected to be active in organising these meetings. Different partners will assume the organisation of each of these meetings under the overall coordination of the communication manager.

Meeting with Representatives of “Medinas 2030” Initiative.   Initiative promoted by FEMIP, the European Investment Bank ´s financial arm for the Mediterranean and Union for Mediterranean (UFM). Its aim is to restore historic cities in the countries of the southern Mediterranean, focus being on environment, sanitation, transport, social housing and urban landscaping; for SMOT, Medinas 2030 is an optimal bridge to ensure SMOT outcomes are extended to many medinas in the basin and to gain know-how.  Medinas 2030 and SMOT representatives have agreed the attendance of Medinas 2030 representatives to one (1) of the SMOT meetings for mutual feedback; specific capitalisation work is foreseen.


–  Representatives of the “Network of UNESCO World Heritage Cities”. Many Mediterranean thousand-year-old towns are part of this network. The Regional Secretary for South Europe/Mediterranean is located in Cordoba- Applicant SADECO location- which provides SMOT with an excellent opportunity to establish links such as those described for Medinas 2030 with this organisation. Its representatives will attend the 2 SMOT meetings to be held in Cordoba. Specific capitalisation meetings will be organised both with representatives of Medinas 2030 (1) and the UNESCO Network of World Heritage Cities (1).


–    Representatives of potential sponsoring/financing entities: meetings will be scheduled with representatives of EIB European Investment Bank (or FEMIP, the European Investment Bank ´s financial arm for the Mediterranean) offices in the eligible territories or with other potential sponsors and private funders of each partner region in order to ensure future interventions in the field tackled by SMOT.



Quantified outputs

–      SMOT Capitalisation Plan (1)

–      Capitalisation meetings with local, regional, national institutions with competences on environmental and waste management issues in SMOT partner regions (10) ;

–  Capitalisation meetings with relevant Networks and Financial Organisations at Mediterranean level (7);

–  Regional/local policies and instruments improved in partner regions in the field tackled by SMOT (5).

–  At least 20 decision-makers and high level technical experts aware of the new policies proposed and tested by the project.

–  Representatives of Initiatives, Networks and Financial Organisations at Mediterranean level with increased capacity in the SMOT field as direct consequence of capitalisation meetings.

[1] This WP is aimed at describing project activities focusing on the interaction between the project results, their effective use and mainstreaming. In particular, the WP should describe strategies and actions to capitalise results at:

  • Institutional level (National, Regional and Local)
  • ENPI CBC MED Programme level
  • Mediterranean area level (other Mediterranean programmes)