• WP2 Communication
    • WP Coordinator: Applicant SADECO
    • PPs involved: all; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P3 SVIMED; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P5 ARDES; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni
      • Role of each partner involved

This work package is cross-cutting during the entire project. The applicant SADECO assumes responsibility for implementation of the communication plan but all partners will be closely involved in communication activities in their respective regions and neighbouring ones.  The main target groups for SMOT´s communication strategy are:



1) policy-makers in municipalities involved in SMOT as well as those representing other local, regional and national public authorities throughout the Mediterranean Sea Basin with competences on waste management;

2) the citizenship inhabiting medinas/city centres in partner regions and other regions in the basin.

The key message to be conveyed through communication activities is that environmental protection is an urgent matter and that cities in the Mediterranean Basin can make a major contribution, paying attention to problems such as waste management in cities, especially severe in medinas/city centres throughout the basin.

Among the main target groups for dissemination we can distinguish:

Civil society associations of different type operating in the 5 partner medinas as well as in other medinas of the basin.

Organisations related to promotion of tourism and cultural heritage in the 5 partner medinas (it is estimated that the 5 medinas receive 45.000 visitors/day).

Economic operators in the medinas/old towns including traders, craftspeople, small manufacturers, owners of hotels, restaurants and cafes-; it is estimated that more than 34.000 economic operators work in the 5 partner medinas.

Overall citizenship– 155.000 people live in the 5 partner medinas.

A strategic selection of all these stakeholders will be target addressees of SMOT communication actions.

Applicant SADECO has a specific Communication Department with professional human resources in the communication field specialised in awareness-raising activities and campaigns related to sanitation. This means a notable added value for SMOT .The director of SADECO´s communication department will be appointed communication manager for SMOT project. Specific partners have the responsibility of designing specific communication products, but all partners make use of them. Indeed, it is important to pay attention to a sensitive use of the different means available to reach the public in the different realities in the partnership.  Partners will share the products but will pay attention to the most effective means in their environment to achieve awareness-raising, which is the final aim.  Dedicated attention will be paid to messages in partners’ languages to ensure optimal communication. P1 UCO is in charge of designing the webpage and fan page for SMOT and for stimulating their use, but all partners are expected to be active users of both.  P5 ARDES is in charge of preparing periodic online newsletters, but all partners will work in its distribution by jointly building up a distribution list of strategic contacts. Applicant SADECO will organise the Final Conference to disseminate the results, which all partners will attend.  In addition, all partners will organise information days and will also attend external events related to SMOT. They will all produce and disseminate media products during the project lifetime.


  • Eligible costs: 141.710,20 €
  • Expected results

Raised awareness about the relevance of suitable waste management in medinas/city centre areas and about recommendations provided by SMOT. Outputs widely and appropriately disseminated among policy-makers and stakeholders in the Mediterranean Sea Basin.


  •    Activities

2.1. Creation of SMOT webpage and fan page in social media for SMOT.   Webpage will be simple and usable; it will be continuously updated with outputs produced. We consider SMOT´s space in the social media to be a strategic communication means today. A fan page will be created for SMOT and animated throughout the project, aiming at building a community of “friends”.


2.2. Preparation of a distribution list of strategic addressees throughout the Mediterranean Basin for SMOT outputs. Each partner will provide an average of 100 contacts of representatives from public authorities, technical entities and other key public and private stakeholders in city centres/medinas.  The aim is to create a database of strategic contacts for broad online dissemination of SMOT outputs.


2.3. Preparation of project brochures. Two different versions will be produced, one at the beginning of the project -in order to communicate its main coordinates and aims; the second one in the last part of project lifetime- providing information on outcomes as well. Information contained in the brochure will be generalist and addressed to the general public.


2.4. Preparation of merchandising products to raise awareness and increase visibility of the project.  Small gadgets such as stickers, t-shirts, planters, small debris or similar will be produced and distributed to people at key points in the medina – public and private installations- or around the entire city. Mainly items closely linked to the notion of waste collection. Wide distribution is intended (21.200 units with a cost between      0, 5 € – 2, 5 € per item are expected to be produced and distributed by the partners in the 5 medinas).

2.5. Preparation and dissemination of online newsletters on project progress.

They will be drafted after each partner meeting (6) and will summarise results assessed in the meeting as well as the study visits carried out to local experiences and/or SMOT pilot experiences themselves.

2.6. Announcements in media: newspapers, radio, TV, press conferences; all must draft at least 1 press release after each meeting (6) plus 4 more announcements each to communicate SMOT outcomes at local/regional/national level. 1 press conference will be scheduled to take place during each meeting.


2.7. Information days on SMOT project and participation in external events.

All partners will organise at least 1 information and awareness-raising event at their local level to communicate the existence of the project in the region. Each partner will also participate, during the project lifetime in at least 1 external event organised closely related to SMOT´s field of intervention in order to take SMOT outputs to external audiences.


2.8. Final Conference for dissemination of results to be held in Cordoba (Spain), during month 23. The aim will be to disseminate SMOT outputs and results. A 1-day conference attended by at least 90 policy-makers with competences on the topic from partner regions and regions in the basin.

  • Quantified outputs

–  SMOT Communication Plan (1), to be implemented by the 9 SMOT partners.

–  SMOT webpage (1); an average of 100 visits per month are expected to SMOT´s website from partners as well as from other addressees of the communication activities from Spain,Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.

–  SMOT fan page (1); it is expected to create a “friends community” with at least 270 actors, they being stakeholders from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan: policy-makers, operators in medinas, representatives of associations operating in medinas, representatives of complementary urban projects.

–  Distribution list (1) of 900 strategic contacts from the Mediterranean Sea Basin (from partner regions but also from other regions in the basin)– policy-makers, technical organizations, economic operators in medinas, civil society associations operating in medinas, complementary programmes and projects- to disseminate SMOT outputs.

–  SMOT brochure (2 versions); 3150 hard copies in total; extensive online dissemination favoured. At least 900 digital copies of brochure disseminated through the distribution list created of 900 strategic contacts.

–  SMOT merchandising products (14 different gadgets, 21.200 units disseminated); for each of the 5 partner countries 2 different types of  merchandising items will be  produced and distributed  among stakeholders of medinas – citizens, economic operators, tourists.  In total 21.200 units with a price between 0, 5 € – 2, 5 € per items will be produced and distributed (ex. t-shirts, stickers, planters…).

–  Online newsletters (6); at least 900 copies of each of the 6 digital newsletters will be disseminated through distribution list created ad hoc for SMOT project among target groups in the basin already mentioned (5400 copies distributed in total).

–  Press releases (54); each partner will produce 6, one after each meeting.

–  Press conferences (6); one during each meeting, produced by the host partner.




–  Other announcements (36); each partner will produce at least 4 more announcements – radio, TV, internet- during SMOT lifetime. The target addressees will vary- overall citizenship, economic operators in medinas, technical organizations in the region, local administrators).

–  Information days organised on SMOT project (9).  Target groups involved are local administrators of each partner city and neighbouring medinas, technical entities in the territories and medinas´ stakeholders. Each partner will organise 1 information day at local level to communicate on the project´s developments.

–  External events participated in by SMOT partners (9). Each partner will attend at least 1 event organised by externals and will use a space of time in it to disseminate SMOT outputs and results. It is expected the technical partners to attend more technical profile forum and local administrators more policy-oriented forum.

–  Final Conference for dissemination (1); at least 90 policy-makers with competences on waste interventions in medinas/city centres of the 5 partner countries as well as from other countries in the Mediterranean Basin are expected to attend.