• WP1 Management and coordination
    • WP Coordinator/Applicant: Applicant SADECO
    • PPs involved: all; P1 UCO; P2 Municipality of Ragusa; P3 SVIMED; P4 Municipality of Sfax; P5 ARDES; P6 MOMA; P7 University of Jordan; P8 Alex.Uni
  • Role of each partner involved

Applicant SADECO is directly responsible for preparing the project and for managing, implementing and coordinating activities among partners. This involves assuming responsibility for all administrative tasks related to the management process, ensuring that the working plan is appropriately developed, drafting reports and carrying out an on-going monitoring and evaluation process.

All SMOT partners are also involved in coordination; all 8 have participated in the project preparation under the coordination of SADECO and they are all involved in the coordination of SMOT through specific structures foreseen for joint decisions. These are the Steering Committee (SC) and the Technical Committee (TC). The project coordinator and the financial manager assigned by SADECO to the project are highly skilled for these tasks, thus guaranteeing smooth management of the day-to-day activities as well as ensuring suitable management of financial issues and necessary reporting. Administrative and support staff is also assigned by SADECO for coordination work.   In addition, all partners have staff assigned for coordination tasks, including financial tasks, throughout the project as well as administrative staff. SADECO is also responsible for the on-going monitoring and evaluation of the SMOT project.  Despite SADECO expertise and capacity it has been jointly agreed by the partnership to recruit external experts to support SADECO in the coordination, monitoring and evaluation tasks for such an extensive partnership.   Specific partners are made responsible for coordinating specific WPs and for organising partners’ meetings in their cities. The Applicant SADECO will be responsible for ensuring suitable and fluent internal communication in the partnership in the day-to-day working; daily communications will take place in the partnership via e-mail, telephone, scheduled videoconferences and the collaborative on-line area on the SMOT website. Providing guidance, assistance and support to partners is SADECO´s responsibility. Representatives of the 2 associates will attend all partners´ meetings given the interest in them being involved in project outcomes.

  • Eligible costs:  217.962,47 €
  • Expected results

A well-managed project that achieves its objectives, with no conflict between the partners, with no irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme.

  • How to calculate staff cost

How to calculate staff costs

  • Activities

1.1. On-going project management and coordination

1.2. On-going monitoring and evaluation of project (see procedures section within section 5.1)

1.3. Audit works (see procedures section within section 5.1.)

1.4. Kick-off meeting of SMOT project to be held in Al Salt (Jordan), during month 2.  Its aims will be: 1) thoroughly review SMOT work plan and partners’ responsibilities attached; 2) thoroughly review main management and coordination procedures; 3) carry out study visit to waste deposit and collection experiences in Alexandria, of interest for the partnership; 4) review communication and capitalisation plans; and 4) hold both Steering and Technical Committees.

  • Quantified outputs

–  Adjusted SMOT work plan (1)

–  Project monitoring and evaluation plan (1)

–  Grant Contract (1) and Partnership Agreement (1) signed in due time and form

–  Steering Committees held during SMOT, including minutes (6)

–  Technical Committees held during SMOT, including minutes (6)

–  Joint Reports (2) and Final Report (1) submitted to JTS

–  Kick-off meeting in Al Salt (Jordan) in month 2, including minutes (1)

–  Monitoring and Evaluation Reports (4)