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Due to their age and heritage, many cities in the Mediterranean basin have historical districts similar to “open-air museums” and the preservation of these values for future generations is a key issue to be addressed. However, this responsibility should not only concern the conservation of monuments but also the adoption of measures for the protection of the environment, introducing sustainable practices and consequently ensuring the maintenance of the artistic heritage, natural heritage, air quality and biodiversity protection, improving at the same time general social welfare. Among the specific environmental challenges related to medinas and old city centers of the Mediterranean area, waste is a major concern for local authorities due to the requirements for collection and disposal which are different from other urban contexts mainly because of narrow streets.
Considering the need to improve waste management in medinas, SMOT project will develop tailored solutions and specific models for five target areas located in Córdoba (Spain), Ragusa (Italy), Sfax (Tunisia), Al-Salt (Jordan) and Alexandria (Egypt).

SMOT is structured into 7 work packages including mandatory WP1, WP2 and WP3.  SMOT´s network requires strong, centralised and expert coordination; that is why the applicant SADECO coordinates WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP7 (Elaboration of Policy Guidelines). 

However, specific partners are made responsible for the coordination of WP4 (Situational Analyses), WP5 (Pilot experiences: design, implementation and validation) and WP6 (Participation Processes) on the basis of their expertise; all partners will actively participate in the activities of the different WPs. WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP6 (Participation Processes) are on-going throughout the whole project.

Cross-cutting issues that have been fully observed during project preparation and will also be observed during project implementation are:

  1. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination;
  2. Environmental sustainability and
  3. The observance of principles related to Communication and Visibility norms.


SADECO, Sanitation Córdoba S.A. Company (Spain, Andalucía)


  1. University of Córdoba (Spain, Andalucía)
  2. Municipality of Ragusa (Italy, Sicilia)
  3. Euro-Mediterranean Centre for the Sustainable Development – SVI.MED (Italy, Sicilia)
  4. Municipality of Sfax (Tunisia, Sfax)
  5. Association of Research for Economic and Social Development – ARDES (Tunisia, Sfax)
  6. Ministry of Municipal Affairs of Jordan, Department of Planning and Development (Jordan, Amman)
  7. University of Jordan (Amman)
  8. University of Alexandria, Faculty of Engineering (Egypt, Al Iskandanyah)

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