The UCO is heir to a centuries-old historical and cultural legacy as well as a passion for knowledge, tolerance, and harmony among civilizations, that have made the city that houses our institution a paradigm for humanity.
This equilibrium and harmony is reflected in the three areas in which the UCO undertakes its activities: Food and Agriculture, Science and Technology; Humanities and the Legal and Social Sciences; and the Health Sciences; each with its own particular characteristics.
This balance is also manifested in the quality of its teaching and research, ranking it among the top academic institutions in Spain. The UCO is one of the foremost research institutions in Spain; a distinction that will be further consolidated with the ceiA3 (Agrifood Campus of International Excellence), and the creation of the Rabanales 21 Science and Technology Park and the Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research. Our university is an international leader in the agrifood field, one of the institution’s main strengths, and also enjoys an enviable reputation in the humanities, in a city that is known worldwide for its artistic and monumental heritage.
A young, dynamic university, dedicated to research and in constant evolution, the UCO is firmly committed to the problems and needs of the community at large. As a public institution, it has close links with the society it serves, but is also dedicated to aiding other peoples and countries. The UCO also maintains strong ties with the business sector, while also structuring much of its own activity around an entrepreneurial vision. Most importantly, it is an institution that is not only committed to training qualified professionals, but to supporting and encouraging its students to grow as people and as citizens.




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