The Association of Research, Economic and Social Development (ARDES) serves as the leading research group for the Tunisian specialists.
The goal of the association is to create a framework that enables interaction between the University of Sfax and its economic social and scientific environments.
The association was created in 1986 in the same period of the creation of the University of Sfax.

The association aims at sharing knowledge between economic actors administration and the university of Sfax.

Having a good relation with the economics tissue allows the association to be a actor that car facilitate the answer on specific needs throw the academic knowledge.

The association assists professional and research growth and promote co-operation within Tunisia and at the international level.  ARDES wants to help researchers to disseminate their works and target the large public.

For this goal ARDES sponsors scientific and social event. Moreover ARDES organize every year a scientific meeting with the participation of national and international well known scientist.

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